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Welcome! my Dog Training Web Site!
Enjoy your visit, and be sure to email me if you are interested in my classes or handling services.

Spellbound Dog Training offers classes for puppies and family companions, beginner agility classes, as well as breed handling services in the New England area.

Training your puppy or dog is the single greatest gift you can give them! Dogs truly want to please us. They need to be shown the right way to do so in a kind and gentle manner.

At Spellbound Dog Training, you will be taught how to train your dog using Clicker Training. I have had wonderful success with my own dogs, as well as clients dogs, using this positive method of training. The Human-Animal bond is made stronger if you build your relationship with trust and respect.  Keeping training fun for both ends of the leash is key!

Classes are held at the Ossipee Town Hall outdoor arena Spring through Fall and Winter sessions are held at the Masonic Lodge in Center Ossipee.  Agility class is held at my home outdoor agility course. Please contact me for class details.

AKC: Approved CGC Evaluator
BMDCNV: Active Member in good standing
TDI:  Therapy Dogs International Associate Member

References available upon request.


Cabot & Dayna
November 27, 2002
Photo taken by C.J. Rousseau


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Life is complete if you love a dog.

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