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Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are...

...healing, teaching, loving.

Carroll County Independent 12/13/01


Visiting the local elementary school 1st grade class is the best thing I have ever done with my dog! We are doing a reading program there, geared toward building confidence and skill in reading aloud. Its rewarding, fun, and Cabot loves the children and thrives in their company. If you want a copy of the article to the left, contact me. I am happy to share.

We also visit the hospital's extended care wing. Cabot brings a smile to the staff and some love to the patients. Their normally sterile day is broken up by a canine visitor, and they ask me to come back every time. That too is rewarding, though it's mentally harder on us both. Cabot never misses a beat!

If you think you have a potential Therapy Dog, please contact me for training tips, and evaluation contacts.

Cabot with some friends



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