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Breed Handling Services

Handling Services

Breed Handling Services are available on a limited basis in the New England area.   
I accept only one to three select dogs at a time in order to devote myself to your dog.  Because of this, your dog will receive the top notch care that I give my own dogs!  At minimum, your dog will receive daily walks and hiking if available and some free running time in our large fenced-in yard for top conditioning.  Also, daily show training will make your dog look and feel like a champion!  I use only clicker training with all my show dogs, so they enter the ring confident and happy!  We also give each dog some alone time in the house with us as part of our family.   
Please contact me for detailed information regarding my handling contract, requirements and fees. 
References available upon request.

Some show pics...


Ch. Jet Set's Milky Way Millenia
Best of Breed (over Specials)
10 months old


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