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11 Weeks Old


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11 weeks old

At 11 weeks old, Cabot is busy stealing hearts wherever we go...

We took a walk into Wolfeboro on the town trail which is right near that ball field on the edge of town and goes along Back Bay into town. Its about a 10 minute walk. Cabot was bounding all over the place and meeting everyone that passed by. Just because he's different I guess, or maybe since its Labor Day weekend and town is very busy...

Anyway, we got to town and decided to get ice cream. Charlie was sitting outside with the kids while I went in to order. I look out the window, and watched the crowd gathering to see this handsome puppy, and his Daddy glowing with pride! "He's a Bernese Mountain Dog," "He's 11 weeks old," "Yes you can pet him," "He loves kids," "His name is Cabot," "He'll be about 100 pounds or more when he's full grown," "They originated in Switzerland," were all things he said while I was in line for our ice creams. I came out and got to my family through the crowd still there, and handed Charlie his ice cream, he immediately scooped a finger full and gave it to Cabot, all the kids laughed. Then we started to walk after our ice creams were gone, and I motioned to take the leash. Charlie pulls away, "I'm walking him." He truly loves *his* puppy!