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Spellbound Bernese
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Spellbound Bernese Mountain Dogs

Spellbound Bernese began in August of 2000 with the addition of "Cabot", formally known as Spellbound's Cabot v Peacefield, CGC, TDI. He has been a joy to have in our lives, a fun boy to train with, and a wonderful therapy dog in the local elementary school as a reading assistance dog. Having him has taught me a lot about Berners in general; about training, showing and grooming; and with him in tow, I have met some fabulous Berner people! I thank his breeder, Sherri Starbird, of Peacefield Bernese, for starting us off with such a wonderful boy!

2003 has given us our first girl, Southwind Leave Me Spellbound, CGC...aka "Kiera". She is from Southwind Bernese, Jon and Judy Cons are her breeders. Kiera has everything we wanted in our first girl! She earned her Canine Good Citizen at 4 1/2 months old, and is a workaholic in training. Her movement is flawless, her coat is lush, her eyes so dark...and her sweet and loving temperament is addictive! At her first weekend of shows, she won her class two out of three days, and we received many compliments on her! I am looking forward to a very fun show career with her!

So, you like Bernese Mountain Dogs?

Then join the club...literally!!!  The BMDCA or the BMDCC are the American and Canadian National Breed Clubs.  Joining your local all breed dog club or regional breed club is another great way to learn more about this breed.  Whatever you choose to do, try the American Kennel Club Web Site for more details and referrals to clubs in your area.  Gaining exposure to the breed by attending dog shows and other events will help you to make some great and valuable connections to those in the know!  Besides that, you'll get to love on a bunch of great dogs! 

They are a spectacular breed of dog, striking first in appearance, then just as striking in personality, intelligence and overall presence.  Their endearing nature captures new fanciers from all walks of life.  They have a strong intuition, and common sense, more so than other breeds I know.   They seem to know way more than we give them credit for! 

Berners, although a large dog, can be quite agile and fast.  Many are good at obedience, agility, tracking, carting, and therapy work.  They require only gentle, positive training.  A heavy hand will do you little good with a kind would only end up breaking his spirit. 

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