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Meet My Dogs

Cabot's Photos
Chelsea's Photos
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Meet My Cats

Kiera the Bernese Mountain Dog-a 7 month old Berner girl, one who I am thrilled with so far, and very excited about enjoying a fun future with her!

Cabot the Bernese Mountain Dog-a 3 1/2 year old Berner, who loves to run, play, work in obedience and agility, and also is a Therapy Dog!  A well-rounded young dog, and more than we could ever ask for.

Chelsea the Yellow Labrador Retriever-a 6 1/2 year old girl, who enjoys sitting in her Lazy Boy recliner more than anything else.  She also enjoys agility, but always ends up in the chair.  She also likes to go for car rides and hiking with her kids. 

Dakin the Chow Chow-is an 12 year old sweetheart of a dog, and not a gray hair on his beautiful black coat.  He greets everyone with a happy grunting noise, and snurfles on your pants if you sit and pet him.  He wakes me each morning with love nibbles on my bed...sounds annoying, but its really adorable! 

We can forget the Cats!-Potter is a 1 1/2 year old DSH, and Dallas is a 6 month old DSH.  Potter was born at my sister's house, she was a bit less than responsible and didn't get around to spaying her cat.  So, Potter and 2 other kittens were born.  We picked him out from the beginning, and he is the best cat ever!  Hi brother lives at my mom's house, and his other brother lives at our neighbors house and they both live an indoor life of leisure! 

Dallas was at the local WalMart at about 5 weeks old, with a girl and her boyfriend (who was going to put the kittens in the Saco if they didn't find homes!) and I took him right away.  He is actually Mitchell's cat, since it was Mitchell's 8th birthday (10/24/02) and he has an "M" marking on his forehead.  He is a riot, and has livened up an already crazy household!  He purrs SOOOOOO loud and loves to stalk and pounce Potter (who acts like he doesn't see him.  They are quite a pair!